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Welcome to Gonzo Sports, Inc., a fantasy sports service providing very realistic and playable football and baseball leagues. Our leagues are all head-to-head, using a scoring system that will allow team owners to determine their game results easily from newspaper or online box scores.

Each Gonzo Football or Baseball league has 12 teams divided into three 4-team divisions. The three division winners and the five best remaining teams will make the playoffs, which are three rounds long and will end with the crowning of the league champion.

Our leagues are continuous. Teams are kept from year to year, with the rosters cut down to about half size and then a draft to refill them. There is also off-season trading, so team owners can stay active for most of the calendar year.

Gonzo Sports, Inc., has been widely acclaimed as one of the leading fantasy sports services in existence, and our leagues have been around since 1983. Join us, and see what all the fuss is about!

Bruce Linsey,

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